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Full time: 25 or more hours and/or four to five days/week.

Part Time: Up to 25 hours/week. 

Full-time care $350/week

Part-Time care $70/day

Factors that contribute to cost of child care?

Ratios. The number one factor within all programs is ratios. Larger programs that keep 8-20 children in a classroom are able to offer larger discounts than programs that focus on quality care over quantity of spots.

Educated Staff. Parents who invest in early childhood education are investing in teachers who are educated and experienced in child development and know how to individualize learning to meet the needs of the whole child.

High Quality Care. Programs that maintain high quality achievements invest a great deal to bring that quality to your child daily.

Curriculum: Our program utilizes a state approved and nationally recognized curriculum aimed at meeting educational goals for early school readiness and success.

Location. To operate facilities in safe areas that have access to on site natural outdoor learning is an investment. 

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