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Our day has a mix of student led, play based, and teacher directed lessons and activities. Movement is infused throughout the day and a child’s attention span is taken into consideration as well. This is our daily routine. The routine will not often change. However, it may be adjusted based on students’ needs, situations( fire drills, etc) and classroom events.

7:30 ARRIVAL and BREAKFAST- Students do the morning routine as they arrive(question of the day & sign in) before eating breakfast.

8:30 TABLE TIME: The table time activity teaches literacy, math, science, art, and/or fine motor concepts and skills. It is often connected to our study. After students finish the table activity, they play in centers.

9:00 MORNING MEETING: Students recite the Pledge of Allegiance, learn and practice math skills during calendar time. Miss. Tiffany reads a book/text that relates to the study. Students share, join in, make meaning and make connections to build reading comprehension, book knowledge, and/or phonemic awareness. Do connecting activities( charts, graphs, songs, etc) to build oral language, social skills, science/math concepts and various literacy skills. 

9:20 PLAY PLANS and CENTERS: Students make a plan for play, deciding where they want to go, who they want to play with and what they want to play. Our centers are Art, Blocks, Discovery, Library or Pretend. New activities are added to each center every week. Skills and concepts students are learning are literacy, math, art, fine motor and social skills. 5 minute warnings before cleaning up are given.

10:00 HANDWASHING and MORNING SNACK: Snack provides many opportunities to explore math concepts and skills. Discussions are led about what took place during choice time. 

10:30 SMALL GROUPS and FINE MOTOR JOURNALS: Child gather for small group activities to introduce new concepts and reinforce skills children are developing. 

10:50 OUTDOOR PLAY: Students play with the equipment freely. Various gross motor activites are also set up to practice and develop various gross motor skills.

12:00 LUNCH: Children help prepare the table for lunch. Discussions are encouraged about the day's events, the meal and other topics that interest them.

1:00 REST TIME: Rest time is important as children's developing brains need rest time to process everything they learned throughout the day. All students rest quietly on their cots or in their pack n plays. Miss Tiffany rubs students' backs and sits with the students. Soundscapes are played to help with relaxation. 

3:15 HANDWASHING and Afternoon Snack: Snack provides many opportunities to explore math concepts and skills. 

3:45 OUTDOOR PLAY: Students play freely with the equipment.

4:1 CLEAN UP/ MUSIC AND MOVEMENT/ FREE EXPLORATION OF CENTERS/OUTDOOR PLAY: Students choose which center they would like to play in while waiting for parents to arrive. If it is very nice outside, we may go outside and play while waiting for parents to arrive

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